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Concussion Recovery Therapy is the world’s first scientifically documented breakthrough for the treatment of TBI, brain injuries and concussions.  Using the latest in microcurrent technology, the cranial-sutures are treated. Concussion Recovery Therapy combines outside-the-box therapeutic thinking with evidenced based science to produce the world’s first successful brain therapy, ushering in a new era for human health and healing.

Concussion Recovery Therapy (CRT) is a breakthrough therapy for the treatment of concussions and brain injuries. CRT methodologically applies trans-cranial microcurrent (tCMPS) to reduce the killer stress” cortisol” for improved PCS symptomology and cognitive functioning test scores (KD, ImPACT)

tCMPS is the active trans-cranial application of concentrated microcurrent point stimulation (MPS) into cranial sutures, scars and key calming acupuncture points.  tCMPS is not a passive application, like tCDS (trans-Cranial Direct Stimulation) which is applied with pads or sponges,  tCMPS is an active,  skilled therapy approach.

CRT is specifically designed to dramatically reduce the physical causes of STRESS controlling TBI and PCS symptomology, scientifically proven to reduce CORTISOL (stress hormone) and improve cognitive functioning.

The physical benefits of Concussion Recovery Therapy are  clearly visible in below imagery.

Concussions & Stress

It is widely accepted in science that imbalances of the sympathetic and parasympathetic branches of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) are directly linked to wide variety of pain and diseases. Stress or persistent tone of the sympathetic system is directly related to ongoing PCS symptomology and decreased neuroplasticity.

Current research supports the prolonged PCS symptomology as the result of  nervous system traumas received during the concussion event. These  altered sympathetic and parasympathetic imbalances within the Autonomic Nervous system (ANS) are a critical factor in post concussive syndrome (PCS) recovery.

“Altered sympathetic balance of the ANS
is a critical factor in refractory post
concussive syndrome (PCS) recovery.”

Many TBI and concussion patients recovery within weeks, while others may never recover.  The difference between these patients boils down to accumulated stress and cortisol.  Increased cortisol is directly linked in science to:

  • Decreased neuroplasticity (Sale 2008)
  • Brain aging (Landfield 1978)
  • Refractory TBI and post concussion syndrome (Condor 2014)
  • Hippocampus atrophy and memory (Tatmir 2014),
  • Impaired cognitive performance (Lupien 1994)

The ultimate goal of Concussion Recovery Therapy is to improve cognitive functioning and reduced PCS symptomology through STRESS reduction and ANS regulation. Sympathetic stress and cortisol (the endocrine STRESS marker), are directly linked in research to concussions, diminished brain health and poor cognitive functioning.

If you are still struggling with PCS or TBI recovery with your patients and want an effective therapy for your concussion management program, Concussion Recovery Therapy is the perfect adjunct to your concussion program. If you are a suffering patient, follow the science!

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