Volume 28, Number 4, 2016
Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.
DOI: 10.1089/acu.2016.1188

DC Electroacupuncture Effects on Scars and Sutures of a Patient with Postconcussion Pain

Antoine Chevalier, PhD-ND(cand), MPP, Kelly Armstrong, OTR/L, MPP, C. Norwood-Williams, PharmD, CPh, and Raman Gokal, MBChB, MD, FRCP


Introduction: This case study offers a detailed comparative analysis of the effects of direct-current electroacupuncture (DC-EA) on the autonomic nervous system (ANS), when DC-EA was applied to the cranial sutures and scars of a patient with a history of ischemic stroke and postconcussion syndrome (PCS) pain.

Case: A 56-year-old female suffering from severe tremors and debilitating headaches requested acupuncture after conventional biomedicines failed to relieve her symptoms. Evaluations were performed to check the status of 27 ANS functions. These detailed evaluations were performed to obtain a baseline status of ANS function on this patient, who had a history of ischemic stroke, PCS, and chronic pain. All evaluations were repeated pre–post her DC-EA treatment.

Results: This patient experienced significant relief from her symptoms after DC-EA treatment. An analysis of this patient’s risk for ANS complications showed improvements in four key homeostatic markers post treatment.

Conclusions: The ANS response of a patient with ischemic stroke, PCS, and chronic pain, who received electrical nerve stimulation using DC-EA reflected a measurable improvement in sympathetic tone, along with reductions in pain levels and PCS symptoms. The positive results in this case study could have applications to other pathologies that can be affected by the sympathetic nervous system activation on the body.

Keywords: Heart Rate Variability, Direct-Current Electroacupuncture, Postconcussion Syndrome, Headache Pain, Ataxic Tremors

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